Personal Accountability Negativity Release Journal: Pride

Define Pride:

  • Sense of one’s proper dignity.  Self Respect.
  • Pleasure or satisfaction taken in achievement.
  • Arrogant or disdainful conductor treatment haughtiness
  • Excessively high opinion of oneself; conceit.
  • Mettle or spirit in horses
  • Group of lions
  • Flamboyant or impressive group

My relationship with Pride:  I did not see the emotion pride in a positive manner.  The more I did for others to be proud of me, the more I forgot self-pride.  The character I hid is the pride of just being me.  Proud to wear this body, to walk this earth, to be in my shoes, to breathe my kind of happy is all so new.  Proud of the reflection I see knowing she fought hard to be standing here.  Proud of my struggle, the good and bad choices.  My self inflicted and love inflicted pain that showed which woman I could be authentic and have positive pride.

Enough unpacking for now.

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