Personal Accountability Negativity Release Journal: Hurt & Woundedness

Define Hurt:

  • To cause physical damage or pain to an individual or body part.
  • To cause mental or emotional suffering to distress to cause, physical, damage to (something) harm.
  • To be detrimental to; hinder impair


  • State or quality of being wounded.

My relationship with Hurt & Woundedness:  Is fresh and is currently healing from fresh band-aid removals that overdue.  Out of fear or longing I made situations to feel better or feel Love and it wasn’t.  It’s hard to admit, your son hasn’t like you from his 1st summer with my parents that he understood.

Hurt & Woundedness is ignoring the fact that my parents have never changed from the put me in the panty, leave me at home alone for months, hate to hear my name family.  So why am I hurt when my child decides this year to curse my name, disrespects me, and only calls for obligation before asking for money.  No card, no wellness check, always the one to attack when told no people you’d remove from your life for sanity but they are related.

Hurt & Woundedness is when the life you created, raised and Love to this day wish harm to come to you and make it their mission to ensure your downfall. (And I’m quoting)  Love from afar because Love doesn’t react that way.

Hurt & Woundedness is seeing your lover show no interest in you, wants no affection, can’t take being around me alone where he would have to talk.  A relationship where the only words are spoken to pay bills, buy food and do the routine to maintain.  Look back at your parter’s reactions to you in all situations.  No enthusiasm, only for show relationships are just as toxic as family or strangers using you.  It’s no different.  How I react to behaviour is my only job.  I cannot control them but I do have a say in how I’m treated.  Can’t curse my name in April then come call so when your birthday show’s on the 30th you can place 5 calls because I won’t answer.

I don’t have to and I do not have to explain to anyone why I won’t answer.  The last time you spoke to me/text me my eyes were opened and I can only let you be you.

Hurt is cutting the cord and faintly feeling like you must apologize for their disrespect.  Not so.

Say a prayer, write how you feel, take a walk, listen to music but control you and stop playing/reacting to them and see what happens.  I will see also whenever this emotion comes back around.

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