Personal Accountability Negativity Release Journal: Unsupported

Define Unsupported – Not supported physically, financially, or emotionally.

– Not upheld by evidence or facts; unsubstantiated.


Unsupported is when those you love only expect you to know their likes and dislikes.

Unsupported is if you have a talent, hobby, interest and no-one cares to see, read, look or recognize your creative outlet.

Unsupported is only doing what others want.  They never ask about anything referring to you.

Unsupported is when they stop speaking, sleeping with or acknowledging you.

Unsupported is when they can only tolerate speaking or seeing you when it is absolutely necessary for them.

Unsupported is being laughed at and mocked while speaking negatively about you in passing and to others.

Unsupported is when they do not consider your thoughts, ideas, side, being.

Unsupported is when they’d rather have silence than have a conversation with or spend time alone with you without a distraction.

Unsupported is when they’d rather text than calling unless yelling is better.

Unsupported is removing all forms of affection, contact or civility.

Unsupported is completely withdrawing, avoidance.

Unsupported is being the last to know.

Unsupported is being thought of as inferior, unable to comprehend situations or life.

Unsupported is when you’re seen as a burden.

Enough for now.

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