When Did We Loose

myself instead of ourselves.

was it the idea of inequality?

feeling better while demeaning another

fulfilling an image you created in your mind

knowing its a lie, hard because you fight up-stream

when we created and chose the hard road

it could be anything

we lost ourselves, the connection

beyond all inside in turmoil

waiting to free itself

a butterfly goes through hell

to show the beauty of its cause.

Its life may be two seasons

how its seen isn’t really understood

it never forgot

the path it took to fly free

that something we

forgot about our own self

equal in birth only the endurance comes after.

We fought like hell to be born, breathe and live

that’s why I ask when did we lose…

the connection between us

something beyond all the distractions we make

towards a unity that goes way beyond skin and bones

from the tip of your heart to the depth of your soul

even though the dreams, nightmares, and tales

until we realize there are no losers in this life.

we all are the same.

so how could we lose or forget the happiness

there isn’t loss with Love

it can only deliver the same, always has.

Its divinity can create nothing else.

Free will though it lulls us to sleep

to the point where we separate and hide

from all we love in the material world that won’t last

so lose nothing and gain only…

it’s the only thing you were brought here to do.



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