What Problem?

Deny all you like
recognition is the trick
takes vision and understanding
don’t need to be so hard
think about it…how did you get through?

was it on your account
what have you done
from you
come on let’s be true
when’s the last time you solved
all the emotions involved.
next time wait
ignore all bitchin’
Ask you what is the problem
when you get upset
or want to cry.
Love doesn’t exclude any heart
this drama is already solved.

EWWW! Everything? I can’t do that
this chick has lost her mind
leave my ego behind?
I’m in control of all I see
and acceptance is what it seeks.
I mean let’s be real
how would I get ahead
be just like the crowd.
Do I have to say it out loud?

Correct you are in your control
do you or compare
it’s all fair
it’s your creation, so its cool
I wish you happiness too
opposite can’t co-exist
when you ask why?
is it so important, disgusting, bothering to you
does it start to disappear
when you turn toward understanding
the solution has been waiting
welcome home
to your intuition
feel when you answer each side
only takes a second
to change your life.



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