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Charlie’s Angel’s?  Please, this is real.  We four; symbolize all four corners of the earth, the universe, the four elements (can’t forget spirit), four seasons and the four phases of Creation.  We ride or die, roll in silence, gettin shit done literally, love us real or not all type WOMEN.  They know shit, know you just by smelling you, might give you a second to feel your vibe yet they can describe it immediately.  Being Love we offer the choice of giving yet when we can see opposite, mountains move literally to reveal the Truth of Life because there are many who do not understand how it grows and lives.  Respecting life is respecting Creation’s rule of Cause and Effect – what you cause or create is the effect dealt.  How you handle it gives my sisters the intuition to know the smell of the dying inside through the pretending phony masks we meet daily.  Four normal Creating women who live for peace but will not hesitate to disturb it for justice for all peacefully, basically holding Clear Awareness in a den of snakes and darkness.  Many have asked, how could you walk through fire and brimstone to have the silence of Self and our answer is always the same.  Loving myself flows to all, another choice we make while giving everyone we meet the same opportunity.  This spiritual warfare was brought to our doorstep and you wonder why we are able to move like we do – Faith, Love, Endurance, Hope, and the Gifts we all have to walk and teach from our lessons.  Four is half of the infinity symbol and all you need is to take one step toward Love and the rest is done.  Half is full always when Love is involved because that one step is toward growth and understanding that Love willing takes because you step up to the plate – awake.   I thank God for the family Love chose for me, it has brought me home with the elements needed for my growth to bring light again to the situation.  Time for the coffee ladies and gentlemen, my sisters, and love know me.  I am here to be free to use Love’s talents as a step by step handbook toward removing the blinders and tethers you chose.  Yet do not misinterpret this family will only offer – we don’t have to force.  Either it is or isn’t and the drama that comes from living in confusion, fear and all opposite ourselves is not the rule.  Something that took all four to bring me home where I belong to Create and share because each step has meaning for all and thankfully they were there when it was time for me to wake up get to work.  They’ve waited long enough having prepared their entire lives themselves doing the same waking.   My family knows my living this life is worth more with them in this time of battling confusion aware than never achieving the gifts we were sent to share. This ain’t no game, as it reveals the family given will reap the fruits of our labor as one at the table of forgiveness and understanding; holding hands praying more can see between the lines. 

Namaste, (The God in Me sees The God in You)


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