Unconditional Love


There is no doubt that this feeling to some is euphoria but when others take this step, it begins with pain.   Facing this term requires a sense of trust and acceptance that exposes the heart completely while understanding that by doing this two things can occur. It can be accepted and given back or the giver has to accept that the level their heart is open may not be equal to the receiver. Many issues can contribute to this dilemma but when unconditional love is the subject, ego cannot play a part in any answer or emotion. The giver cannot make the receiver respond the way he/she wants because it will make them feel better. Isn’t that pleasing your ego?

If you are insinuating true unconditional love then the fact of your implementing demands in order to feel justified makes it conditional. And you may say, “What about the pain you spoke of, how can you expose yourself to being let down if you allow the person be and not demand equal emotion? What will it accomplish in the end?” That is only an argument of being worthy of what you demand, they become screams from your ego that things have to be the way you want or it doesn’t equate. And when the ego takes over those hurt feelings, the fears of being alone, changes of future plans come in to play, in most cases, it’s not about you.

This term unconditional isn’t an antidote for the problems that occur between humans. If so can you be unconditional when your partner feels bored, trapped, old, and sees that you are apart of all that? Does unconditional come into play when all the past mistakes and harmful situations play a part in the changes you are putting ultimatums on? Can you comprehend that feelings are true?  Ego wants to give the illusion that this is the feeling you want?.  Is there a way you can come to an understanding that individuals aren’t equal in emotions? 

It is said that anything worth fighting for, gives and reveals the true meaning of that very thing you are fighting for.   If we rebuke every instance of ego from these situations and focus on the task at hand which is unconditional love, then every circumstance that arrives is put in line.  The only course the spirit knows is no fear or obstacles, just beginnings. Which should give an end to all doubts, thoughts of how the end may occur, harsh blows of past pain, or loss of sanity.

Unconditional love will breach its head into the present devouring all that oppose its being. Love always overcomes. The shape it forms in front of you may not appeal to you, some, or all but it is there breathing life into all that claim it is dead and long gone. A rock of faith that cannot be broken, even if the heart that awakens to it has turned its back on prior happenings. The soul of this term unconditional defies time, space, and anything material. Bringing an unforeseen future into perspective because once the eye to that soul of unconditional love is opened, there is nowhere to hide. Love’s only form is revealed and passed on, changing fate and minds into one form for itself while encompassing all within contact.

So when the view looks unsavory, the lesson is to love unconditional.  Through the pain, tears, and confusion that the mind introduces. We prevail knowing regardless it can’t be denied, discriminated, held back or challenged.

My heart speaks to your soul and I stand before you a new, awakened with finally a purpose.   So let’s stand through storms hand in hand because we are better together than we can ever be apart. And without condition, I only ask for the love you can give because I understand we all stand on different levels to help elevate. And I am ready to take that next step, through the pain of reaping what I sowed. I see beyond that and am guilty of losing my sanity at moments by putting conditions on something free. But once there is a glimpse of total happiness, the person that at one time was starving for it but refused it starts noticing the differences.   

So you may not have the right words, I still long for them. You may not see me as before but my soul can view past the physical. You may find every flaw in me but I only see a chance for learning from you. You may be far from me emotionally but my love will extend to where you stand. Your actions may cause my heart to beat faster but it still beats from your touch and voice. You may feel I am weak but my strength is my being apart of you, now and forever with unconditional honest Love.



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