I recently spoke to someone that told me and I quote, “My ego tells me to be somebody!” So I asked him, “Who told you that you weren’t somebody?”  And unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to ask follow-up questions but they would have been: “Who is this somebody and from what do you measure somebody from?”  For argument sake, I will continue to show the duality of the thought of “Somebody” and hopefully bring out the true meaning of both for My2Sense.
— pronoun
1.  some person; someone
— noun, -bodies
2.  a person of greater importance than others
We have all heard you have to achieve greatness because you need to be “Somebody.”   That fact drives our society as a whole to be greater than where we were, are, to be or feel our status should be because of need.  And this trend continuously changes with time, people, places or things; and being “somebody” solves these issues until the next goal brought on by the “somebody‘ we create.   How many choices do we go through in a lifetime?  The energy spent can be draining, so we create other avenues to appease the scraping to get there.  As we get older the clock starts ticking, we need a baby, have to get our dream car, the house, a husband, wife, certain clothes, jewelry, a position at our job or the dream job.  And with that comes everything that fills or compliments these items so there won’t be any mistake of how great of a “Somebody” we are.  That means the correct school, friends, nails, hair…come on do I really need to keep going.  Being “Somebody” is a second and third job.  If we don’t move with it, we’ll be left behind, oh my God someone will think we are a nobody!  No that can’t happen; so we get on the web, scan the stores for the best, to feel our best – all the way down to our socks.  We also can become mean to those we feel are not “Somebody” by  ganging up with the other “Somebody’s” and demean, laugh, discriminate, hurt, and boldly display to them how much of a nobody they are because they cannot compare to you the “Somebody.”  Then the downtrodden bodies begin to be desperate because they don’t want to feel less than, so this is when ugliness is created.  We have been ignoring the concept or trained ourselves to place these nobody’s into categories we call many names;  trash, stupid, uneducated, any race other than ours, any religion we don’t agree with, poor, from another country, neighborhood, in a different social setting, having a lower tax bracket, short hair, fake hair, no hair, straight hair or bad hair.  We compare everything from teeth, eyes, men, women, parents, children, almost everything.  So these nobody ’s having the same creative genes as the rest of the human race come up with ingenious ways to feel like “Somebody “within the category they always hear and feel they belong.  Why do you think we have a robbery, murder, lying, different color crimes (Wall Street vs. Martin Luther King St.), stalking, cheating in any form, insurance fraud, greed, I think you get the point.   Being “somebody” always leaves somebody out including our own self at times.
Now on the other hand, “Somebody” can be interpreted as “Everybody.”  When we are born “Somebody” isn’t brought up unless our parents fall in the first section of this topic.  There are few who believe that we were all born as “Somebody” and are capable of doing anything because we have the world and opportunity on our side.  How else can we contribute to those who give effortlessly and ask for nothing in return?  Where would Love fall into if it did not realize that even though we may seem different, the basic principle of all of creation is exactly the same?  The scale of Love is always balanced, we being able to create any life we choose instability for being important.  Did we ever take time to ask ourselves, others, or to the very “Somebody” we strive to be:  who told me I am not “Somebody?”  What if we decide to be who we are and stop pretending?  All of a sudden the weight of this ego-based existence becomes light and can disappear the very second we choose.  What if for once you become happy with what you have and achieve?  Do you remember what your natural ability or talents were or enjoyed before becoming “Somebody?”  Our happiness wasn’t measured by others but in our hearts and in that place there were no measurements and we couldn’t see treating another person like they didn’t matter.  The playground was open to everyone, equally.  Whatever you did was acceptable and being comfortable in your skin was a given because you were you and that was and always is fine.   All the extra materialistic weight is unheard of; who cares what house you live in, clothes you got, what car you drove (if you drive), or position you stand; today is a good day because you woke up with the sun or moon and life is what you make and share – not how you take from it.



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