Miracle or Grievance

What do you see?

Better yet how?

Contempt or joy

In every step or word.

What do you love more – truth or lies?

Everything that reminds you of Creation you despise

Selfishly looking into another’s eyes

Hating to control is all a disguise.

Keeping you from seeing the relation to all creation

The miracle that you give has no understanding of separation

Regardless of your choice

Love or anger; happiness or pain, saved or damned

The two together won’t stand

In any verse, breath or search

Put to the test through your heart

The only advice is yours  to share

What how who and where

The connection is the feeling there

It cannot be mistaken

Choosing to see Love (God) in all

Feeling the difference between

Its worth a moment to seeing

Those you hated change in front of you

Instantly the masks are removed and the knowledge joined

Only one effort – gotta choose.

Just remember in Love…no one can lose

We all gain that’s why we’re to remember

Our hearts language, I wish you safe refuge until that day.




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