Knowing Self Effects Life

When are you going to examine your own backyard instead of praying someone else will do it for you?  There isn’t anyone else to do the shit we don’t like that’s how you get to know yourself.  When shit is not cool, the character of a person reveals itself.  Avoidance is not the answer and until you start healing and being real with yourself about everything in your life as we all should do as humans but especially for those who hurt daily because of avoidance.  Are you waiting for a special day?  How about when you die is that when you will start saying this is not me, bullshit and I don’t want it.  The beginning for me was saying “What for” when it came to everything including traditions introduced that I followed blindly.  Asking my self before any choice those two words started the coffee for me to wake up to a different start. 

Why are you punishing yourself for something you couldn’t control?   Is it because we were always taught self-hatred instead of love so we bow down to everything opposite love because it’s easier, won’t cause waves or fear.  All bullshit we created to avoid the main subject, are you being the Love that created you?  But like I said before just because we all are on different floors in the building of Love, it doesn’t mean you aren’t loved; lessons aren’t always seen at the same time for the same reasons.  You missed where I stated Love leaves no part of creation behind so that wasn’t a question but my duty has moved and with that comes change like seasons.  They are all connected just like our experiences but we have to learn to know when to walk away amicably with the same amount of love before but with the knowledge that Creation wants you to create your own happiness before you were taught anything.  Nature lets you know when you’re ready for many things in life and this is no different. You can’t help people who wanted to be rich to be happy and now can’t find a money financier so you’re next on the list.  Change your number, stop wanting a fantasy of how people should react toward each other when life is showing you differently because we refuse to fix ourselves so the vibe given from those opposite our plan can be but not in your realm. 

 If you don’t know yourself then you can’t understand my story because before you can read it without seeing how you have allowed situations to happen.  The grey and weight all connected.  If the soul and mind are not in sync then you find things to substitute and pretend we are satisfied.  Letting go of everything that is bad for you goes for your whole house, your being, your acceptance of lack of loving life as it is not was, believing in people who falsely protect the few and not all is not Love.  Exclusion, restrictions of self-expression, lessons of disappointment because of our cowardice.  I keep saying love can only create itself but we have the free will to refuse and create any way we choose, in truth or in a web of lies.  In the fantasy life, nothing is constant; there isn’t any slowing down, recognition of the march to nothing.  The sadness is because we know that every day is one day closer to doom instead of being an opportunity to change how I see the re-occurring issues…the lesson being taught… the signs you see alone. 

The meaning of insanity is to keep repeating the same issue and expect a different result – it can’t be any simpler, vampires can be family members and if you allow them in your space….it’s up to you to either allow them to drain your spirit or cut the umbilical cord.  Your choice…I’ll be waiting for you to learn to walk on your own as you did me.  Nothing changes when you love someone when its true but both have to come with all cards on the table, transparent and willing to work realizing though some won’t like the change –who is this life really about?  Are you saying Creation made a mistake?  Is the life that is outside you reacts to how you perceive them and believe if they can benefit your cause….what are you giving back?  I don’t know anything created in that sense go away, they change, move, and grow but never leaves.



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