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One lesson as a child that introduces the world is, “Do Not Talk To Strangers.”  A consistent understanding meant to save children from the evils that lurk in our world.   “Do Not Talk To Strangers.”

Hmmm, let’s dissect the sentence.  At first glance, you would see that the thought of opening your mouth to “strangers” is prohibited.  So it is enforced more harshly by first commanding the receiver, and then gently explaining.  Secondly, let’s look at the duality of the sentence’s meaning which by the way is typically unseen which is ironically how “strangers” wish to roam as predators to do the evil warned against.

If you place the warning toward yourself, how could you ask or tell you, “Do not talk, think, or invite “strangers?”  What constitutes an invitation of strange to your self?  Another dual process as some would start outside when inside is also there.  Strange, could be thought or physical.  Either way it is or isn’t, to you.  So back to the statement “Do not talk to strangers.”  Do not invite unwanted danger into your self.  Avoid it all together, stay away. Speaking is an invitation for many things but for the most part its communication, either to give or take Knowledge.  In the case of any stranger, a invitation for danger. And an appropriate lesson based on fear but given to other as advice based on Love, another dual fact.

“Do not invite strangers” or yet “Do not invite danger,” a common command directed at yourself to shield from heartache, grief and when faced with serious danger, death.  Danger is often associated with fear, another form of communication given to help the self.  But there is duality there also.  “Do not invite fear.”  Something that is harmful normally would be kept clear but this isn’t true always.  When we aren’t protecting or sure of our-“selves,” fear is introduced.  An emotion opposite Love which is associated with healthy emotions or thoughts. 

“Do not invite fear.”  Can easily change to, “Do not invite anything opposite Love”.  So when it comes to thoughts of the self or others… “Invite Love first.”  A way of clearing the clutter fear leaves around blocking any truth available.  Fear comes in many forms and often is thought, spoken, done and repeated without realizing what it actually is.  “Do not invite fear, invite its opposite,” and see a brand new day.  This is an invitation to peace of mind; the beginning of happiness from within, then given outward from one to another without bias, for everyone and everything.



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