>If you found out you were dying today, what would you do?

>I am going to show the only two very distant answers that one can give.

Some will choose to better themselves and live their dream life before the tragic day.  Life would be one big party where everything you wanted to do and never got around to because of the things we put off.  There would be no stone unturned or person you couldn’t tell how you really feel or where to go.  Your mind can think of things a mile a minute, so much you can give yourself a headache – the list is so long.  Imagine it, I ask you take a minute to really go through your list.
The time spent was disrupted by more items, lists, sections, degrees, spaces.  You eventually stopped to concentrate on the things at hand, some forgot altogether because if this ability to have everything you desired to happen appears the moment you got your news.  How far would you go?  How much would you take and be truly happy until the time comes?  Why would I say that, right?  Made the list more urgent in the back of your mind but once you had everything, then what?  At that point are you content enough to get to enjoy any of it?
Hopefully, you eventually realize the second choice.  One where you take a breath and take it all in then begin to live differently.  Suddenly the lists become smaller, some will throw them away.  The rain becomes interesting again and you realize you have all you need.  Some will even scale back and give.  The morning sunrises become important along with the stars and moon.  Love and acceptance for yourself begin to wash away all regrets because now it’s not necessary.  A memory of what you enjoyed come to the forefront and just by doing it your heart becomes light and the stress melts.  And since happiness overwhelms you everyone within your grasp realizes and smiles.  It becomes contagious leaving worry, fear, and anticipation far behind.  Instead of preparing for the inevitable, you live, love and give so easily it feels like breathing.  Seeing beyond the wrong, evil, pain; you do all you can to make a change.  Not later, right now, this very second a way if found to correct the situation; it will be done.  Right away with all your heart and soul, no matter what the cause.  This all occurs while you still enjoy your favorite sights, art, music, people, feelings; the weight you placed on yourself before finding out your condition you refuse to carry.  That again is another burden relief that you share, lightens all you come near.  You share how living in Love of Life makes any problem a moot point.  And that the tomorrows and yesterdays are just that it is now that is important.  You would remind them how special they are and how it’s unnecessary.  While you sit on your stoop, window, backyard, beach, lunch, work the next question should be; what do you want versus need.  You point out a wave, tree, bird, car, cloud; “Look around.  Make today your best day, live happily while you get the chance.”  How can that not move you; so you make again a choice – Love life to the end, make many friends, open your heart, and give it away.   Happiness won’t be a question but in your breathing Life should take on a new meaning.  How close we all are, everyone you see and cannot.  Complaints become few when you realize you have all you need, you can finally breathe the fresh air; just glad to be here to see the stars or favorite show.
So whatever side you reside it really doesn’t matter, hopefully, you will also realize we are not promised tomorrow so do whatever makes you happy.  If I didn’t raise the view of both sides is the journey we decide.  Hopefully, you have more Love in your life from the moment you open your eyes.  Since even without being told by a doctor we are dying, the answer can never have a date and time.  I just wanted to bring that to your mind and pray your heart and spirit respond living for your peaceful truth while understanding this is what every HUMAN goes through.  That is the bind we share along with others but that becomes obvious whether you decide to Love or live only for you.

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