If it isn’t Love..

What could it be?  The imagination we created from our gathering of information throughout the years, fully equipped with a checklist of what is acceptable and not.  The area of being under our law or God’s has always been attempted to be shaded grey but it always fails.  Just ask yourself in your daily grind, was there any decisions made based on the Love you want or are?  I hated myself just as much as anyone, yep all the way up to the fact my hair.  The embarrassment, feeling different, outside the norm or just visually not the cookie cutter life we long to have because we think we are the reason for breathing, walking, not walking, all the way to the involuntary actions your body does for you….think you really are in charge.  Need the control, we all do and if we don’t we want to be lead into better –taking the responsibility out of our hands. 

No judgment here (shit I’m in the same boat just different leg of the race)I mean we were all told from the moment we were able to understand our senses, it was hard for each of us to give up ourselves.  But in order to feel loved (which is ridiculous), we will endure a lifetime of self-inflicted pain because it always feels like a release.  Some engage in yoga, others choose to hurt others outside them to get back at Love for the shitty existence experienced.  You’re not alone – ever.  We all whether we choose to accept what Love gave us or expect things that God can’t give you.  Popularity, the girl next door, more attention from family, better hair, the list goes all the way to standing on God to feel you can change the journey you do not like. 

Again, you’re not alone just in a different classroom or lecture – every student knows the message comes across differently.  Some have it intuitively, some need guidance, others like me need to see for self and take a long time to admit what witnessed.  Then there are those by their own choice won’t see the value of Love until their death bed or never – free will doesn’t change for any being.  It isn’t anyone’s job or ordained position to get me to understand my purpose.  And by purpose, I mean in accordance with Love or God’s Laws.  When created it was an all-inclusive, everlasting, gift that is increased by sharing with the same choice whether to accept or do your own thing.  Yeah your own thing, can any man truly tell you how you dealt with your life so far without judgment from you first.  Ok, life doesn’t deal everyone the same hand but Love always includes everyone, people choose to separate, harm and create fear so you can stop relying on your connection with Love and the bond you share.  Love/God doesn’t see you in any other fashion than created because there is a purpose for every day we open our eyes.  The blessings are there if we decide to collect the miracles waiting for us to realize – we have to ask and deal with what comes with dealing with Love.  Although you may have your hopes and dreams, every being is included equally.  Love cannot be manipulated into anything other than the universal feeling that comes to us to share.  Love does not lie to anyone and claim that every person you meet will be there next to you at your death but they are –Love stays right where it cannot be touched, removed, or convinced to change.  The law of Love is eternal so even in your darkest moment when you feel nothing else can go wrong, stop and ask yourself at each thought is this right for me?  Does it mean to love in any way?  If the answer is no,  remember it always starts with you, we cannot push others along the road when they may need more time.  Love knows even when we cut ourselves off from it and believe we can overcome it and do a better job.  How has that worked out?  Even if you’re the richest man/woman in the world can you honestly say you understand love without including everything Love/God created just like you?  There may be differences in the gifts but sharing always brings the happiness intended for all in Love’s Kingdom, universes, beings, and life. 

Love starts with you inside as you grew into being able to evolve to where you stand now.  If that isn’t Love, what is?





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