>Moving in cycles
Everything in nature adheres
to the full spectrum in bloom.

if noticed, what a beautiful sight
you can’t miss unless you choose
morning change to night
right before your eyes
so obvious you ignore it to deal with life.

Knowledge moves in cycles.
Leading to choices for every man
Woman, really all created…
depends on how you receive it
wonder you can why the lesson seem to change
Thought we should be on the same page?

a tree’s cycle cannot share the butterfly’s
Individual beauty of its expression of Self…
Flowing from naive through wisdom
Living with the elements of the world where we exist
Spectrums of experience stand eye to eye
cycles seem to fade as time flies.

eventually we learn to watch life go by
Creating our own path
Decorated much like the butterfly
Our birth cause our wing’s exclusive pattern
Viewed in waves of pleasure if endured
Looking back we become self assured.

Creation at its best
Allowing self like all life
Beginning with a breath; ending the same.
My how we have changed
through each season
Purpose meets reason.



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