Belief or Truth


 Hi.  This has been rattling around in my head so as usual, we have to see at least two sides sometimes to gain truth.  And mine is the very powerful, unrelenting, personal yet inclusive, harmful yet if used properly will move mountains and change all you see before you.  One side can be viewed as blend the other lost; in reality, both are correct – there’s always another way. Belief has two options in how life is done in any part of this entire living organism we call home – earth.  Belief is powerful but Creation also created Truth, a concept that trumps belief every time.  So let’s explore the duality of one coin Truth/Belief. 

I would give you the option to flip the coin but reality will wait until you can peek.  Belief can be passed for generations based in fear of something outside your self.  Don’t get me wrong belief is better than nothing – maybe not (judgment isn’t appropriate).  Belief has layers, leaders, followers, rules, acceptance, and limitations all rolled into a neat package and delivered over those around could see you can comprehend (again with the youth brainwash thing).  The version of how believe also depends on who is in your life instructor in the journey timeline.  They change depending on the level of understanding the truth.  There isn’t one situation purpose or thought that doesn’t go through seasons, the Knowledge learned has to be digested and flowing through your soul.  At this stage, the transformation relieves any need of the word compare.  Would you compare the truth when regardless of how you try to twist it to your liking, it remains giving you room?  Creation is apart of you.  So for the remainder of this remind yourself the capabilities passed to you from the very first cell each before you represented there.  A blueprint of you that is able to wait until you understand each season for everything you need – ever.  The only thing missing is your instruction tag that would be on the back of your neck (I guess) stamped “Certified by the Love of Creation.” Wow, what a concept – how much can belief take from you at this point?  Seal of Creation is your belief or true its answer will wait.  Patience is apart of Love too, how mighty a partner telling your dreams to repeat – just a little longer.  Mighty indeed, the flip of the coin splits like a sword through each mask you decide to try to justify and Make-belief.  A difference so vast the vision of the separation would be shocking to see all at once.  So Truth breaks into pieces in order to soften the move from belief to you.  Name any of them from monsters under your bed to the universe – each phase is meant to enhance.  We now get belief you decided to use in life or can you choose to accept you while also seeing you control both sides of this same coin, path, fork in the road, friend; think of how smart Love is to see its all the same in the end.  No need to stomp and scream for your full attention when you breathe Creation…it can wait.  Its always about the me in the we, a transformation that will complete if you standing or on your knees.  Awake or asleep, Creation can’t be killed, hurt or abused.  Every misunderstanding came from someone who forgot who they are, who are we to judge?  Their lesson may involve you but they are never without the ally to truth…the choice to believe as you will.





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