The light came on…and I forgave…


For the happy, sad, good and bad.
the flutters, smiles, tears and years.
to see seasons change along with man.
look back to understand, repeating like a video
until comprehension.
Is there still need, realizing the relationship with Love…
has to start with both feet.
planted to weather the denial, avoidance, and lies
believed by our self
so we keep standing in line for the rollercoaster ride.
that makes us forget the greatness inside
then the light came on from within….
allowing forgiveness to release me from the illusion
and love the present given each day
there doesn’t have to be a word said aloud
forgotten with the same illusion in front of all of us.
We forgot to trust in the very thing that told us to breathe
So grateful for being, all else fades like it never existed.
the light came on this morning when I opened my eyes
can’t be mad, upset at all, the way is bright even when it rains
How can I be mad really, I am Loved….
nothing has changed.



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