Tell Me What Would You Do

Tell me what would you do?

There is a difference between believing and doing

Its all in how you choose

Think about it

Saying is different than action

so much is based on that fact

yet many lie to themselves.

Let me explain my point of view

See if it pertains to you…

Would you sit in God’s House?

How would you act if invited out

By Love’s mother, aunt or brother?

Would you bow, be humble, be true?

What if his sister, daughter, or son came to visit you?

How would you see him in?

Would you let him come back again?

If he was hungry would you let him eat?

Clothe Buddha if he was naked on your street?

What about his feelings?

Do you care?

If your Healer lived without water would you fix it?

Father wanted could you give?

Without lying through your teeth about when?

If you God decided to change like He/She could?

Would it matter how they could?

Creation can express many ways

What color/sex/species would you accept today?

What about your tithes?

What if you couldn’t because you didn’t accept God’s kind?

Do you think you could stand in front of him on your principals?

While Love is opposite your beliefs….could you keep an open mind?

Would you leave Allah with flies on Him/Her

with trash surrounded His home?

Drug infested hopelessness with nowhere to call His/Her own.

Would you turn your back on the Universe because you have no time?

Can you offer the Spirits your last dime?

Explain to your Heart that you don’t understand

While you have riches in your hand.

Would you say no to the Air you breathe?

I’m sorry you don’t deserve anything I need.

I have to take care of myself…

As I praise someone like you in my head.

The imaginary compassion I hold

Appeasing the ego I can’t let go.

Would you tell the Highest…you deserve what you get?

That is not your kind and forget.

You should’ve, are not, don’t have, aren’t qualified, not acceptable

For me.

Though I am You (God, Spirit, Universe, Jesus Allah, Buddha,)

I can’t see

Why you would be any different than me?

Would you turn away if you walked into the Lord’s House?

And everything you hated is there with Happiness you scream about.

What would you do if Joy opened its doors?

And the confusion you craved was not allowed inside

Only the truth of inclusion of all as One as Love was welcomed to reside.

Would you close the door because of what you saw?

Or would tears start to fall.

How much time have you wasted?

You realized the very thing worshipped was disgraced.

With every day you spent thinking you were righteous

A pawn left lifeless.

How could you look in His eyes when asked to come inside?

Knowing you are against all in your view.

Tell me what would you do?


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