Liberty and Freedom

I wrote this in 2009, its amazing how appropriate this is now:

The definition of liberty goes to the depths of human greatness and purpose. Freedom can hold two definitions being physical or state of mind. There are no coincidences when each is concerned throughout history. From the birth of civilization, the fall from grace came when these two very simple things are ignored. Every dominating culture or people took these rights from others in the pursuit of social success during that period.  But even as dominance seemed to prevail, a spark remained for liberty and freedom. Imprisonment became the norm when views of the powerful weren’t equal to the people. The amounts of human lives lost in defiance of captivity cannot be counted.

Keeping order had to also come in two forms, first would be physical. By making escape difficult or unheard of; some accept crimes against humanity and its issuance separating anyone refusing to settle to be labeled an enemy to the masses held captive blindly.

For example, the Statue of Liberty was given by a man who could see the step needed to overcome the enslavement of the masses for the social success of the few. The statue today stands green. Ironically it stands in the water (free flowing) taking on the color of money yet beneath the corrosive color sits its true state. If you think about the artist, what was he trying to say? Yes take the poor, unwanted, tired, homeless, disillusioned souls; but until you truly liberate all of them while there, you lie and no-one is free.  And it seems throughout history every person that came through or by that statue was not free. They were put into slums, poverty, ridicule, and hatred with no hope of social success.

But the artist made the statue copper, a symbol of lacking liberty and freedom to this day. Those still living with the social injustice, not understood by the Creator who makes everything with a purpose and not for sacrifice? They did not come by the Island of  Liberty but either by captivity lived in a country ravaged by war by leaders and are still seen as unworthy and lower. Could the artist understand that until every human including those with brown, yellow, red, and pink skin are treated as One, this country and world will suffer?  When you think of prejudice or injustice, there is a group that feels superior so it takes it out on the so-called weak. Eradication of the weak leads to the leading group to justify its actions with misconceptions that are ignored or accepted by those who follow blindly until the truth is revealed; sometimes despite being lied to.

The mental part of freedom being taken away can start with the all-important images given to ensure confusion and dismiss those that stand as silent unmoved reminders of the two fundamentals of life: liberty and freedom. I can go into all the laws created that conflict but one that comes to mind is engaging in worship or idolizing anything other than the Source of Creation.  Creation doesn’t understand fear and sacrifice.  Since when do you see the universe, stars, trees, or different parts of the ocean decide they have to fear their creator while understanding ultimate sacrifice to or by the creator saves it from doom.

We don’t see a rose needing a special rose created differently than itself allowed to be demolished by nature in order to save the garden. Then in order to show allegiance to nature, the surviving roses commemorate the sacrifice of the special one with more images of the suffering and death that will lead them away from the same fate. That would mean the creator the rose acknowledges is dictating the very thing it doesn’t understand. How can you captivate without force?  Create a symbol to engulf in fear and sacrifice instead of Love which only knows and gives equally of  Itself.  Mental captivity and guilt are opposite any form of  Love because mental captivity means you need to follow,  sacrifice and ignore the truth. 

That is also the reason visionaries are able to create reminders of the underlying fact that cannot be changed; until everyone has liberty we all will perish. We all are here to learn the truth of being equal humans, created in likeness – not different. If your choices are taken away for the few to feed grief for profit, is there any chance of freedom and liberty?



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