Riddle before I begin, then I will explain the relevance.

What walks on all four in the morning, walks on two in the afternoon, and walks on three in the evening?

Evolution:  –noun

1.  any process of formation or growth; development:

2.  a product of such development; something evolved:

3.  Biology. change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift.

Maturing: –adjective

1. complete with natural growth or development, as plant and animal forms: a mature rose bush.

2. ripe, as fruit, or fully aged, as cheese or wine.

3. fully developed in body or mind, as a person: a mature woman.

There has been a consistent debate lately and throughout history about evolution.  Reason being the idea of Creation or God not being the cause of all growth has blocked reality, education, realization, and knowledge concerning a part of life we witness every day in our lives.  To the contrary Creation has everything to do with evolution and is so very simple those who wish to ignore promote ignorance while evolving themselves.  First, let’s deal with the word itself, the definition refers to a process of growth.  And I placed maturing with it because for some reason it has the same definition.  This is not a coincidence and when involving Truth, nothing usually is.  We can go into any form of life that has been created from the air we breathe, the water we drink, plants that give nourishment, animals that provide food or a function, and finally human beings.  Each living thing (or dead actually) begins in one fashion and ends in another.  Our senses, survival, adaptation, environment, and knowledge contribute to these stages everything goes through.  Those who condemn the thought of evolution happening at this very second completely ignore the fact that they are not infants any longer or a fetus’ for that matter.  They have moved from adolescence to adulthood without giving it a second thought.  We are not created, live, and die without some form of growth.  And if the argument is for religious reasons, explain why Creation – God made the idea so simple that it takes time to develop anything?  It takes time for the universe to turn, grass to grow, oceans to be created, each individual sea creature to understand its instincts to live as it does.   Throughout the story of creation in religious terms it took time but the actual years, minutes, and days were not referred to except in passing.  Except in Genesis where it states that all life was created in seven days.  Was this earth days or the vast universes time we have not begun to understand?  Even though the text has been dated, it cannot explain parts of Creation that far exceed the calendar we now use.  Each of the animals Adam (in the Bible) found and was told to name, certainly have changed from the moment he discovered them.  How can you explain the Sabertooth Tiger vs. today’s tiger?  Is that the same name or animal or did it evolve with its environment, diet, and DNA?

God or Creation cannot be taken out of the idea of a maturing universe because man as we are now, did not and cannot duplicate it.  But what we have in our hands is the understanding that we are apart of an ever-changing planet within our solar system.  Our planet has given us proof that itself has evolved and is still growing to a point we as humans and not Creation cannot understand.  For instance, all of the continents form one plain that once was called:  Pangaea.  Look it up if you deny that they can actually form one connecting continent.  How did we move from Pangaea to today without going through evolution?  Our very own planet has gone through many ages that evolved and we are experiencing I feel the ending of the entire Ice Age.  At the beginning of the thaw; land that was frequently traveled are now oceans, spreading the world apart.

Either way, my original point is that all life changes, we cannot deny that fact.  Those of us who wanted to be an astronaut as children have had circumstances that either helped or changed their direction.  This is evolution; shedding the unnecessary and gaining from experiences – adapt or die more or less.

So if you have not figured out the relation to the riddle in the beginning:  What walks on all four in the morning, walks on two in the afternoon, and walks on three in the evening?   The answer is a man.  A man has to accept his own evolution and stop pretending that our full head of hair as children is not gray now or that we will live in this form forever.  Creation is so very complete that it wastes nothing, loses nothing, and gives everything to all equally.  It is how you choose to evolve is how you survive in peace or in turmoil because you have not realized your importance to the here, now, and after.



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