When it comes to Love there is a universal understanding that does not need explanation.

When we were young it was taught (sometimes) to be friendly, share, tell the truth always, and that we are all God’s children.

Then on the other side, there are those who believe in superiority, using, lying, judging, killing for profit, or enslaving to stay in power. They are the “do as I say and not as I do” group that lead us by the nose.  We never ask the simple questions that can stop them.

Is this Love?  Does it allow hurt, kill, promote fear, let any creature starve, create devastation, endorse poverty, steal from the hungry, promote and mistreat the undereducated, refuse medical treatment, have homeless, or believe there are any of God’s creatures that are trash?

When you fall into the lack of Love category you can hide the truth openly.   Who is going to question these people when they are in charge?  They possess the only path, have the correct words and are specially chosen.    Confusion has to keep people asleep so its Ego portion of itself will believe it is really in control.  We allow the separation confusion brings because if we didn’t accept the idea, it wouldn’t have the hold over the populace as it does now.

Who wants to keep you depressed, with less, scraping, angry, hungry, afraid and feeling like you have a lack or less than.  That confusion has you popping pills believing they will make u happy, buying magazines to compare yourself to, buying stuff you don’t need because it’s in style or you’ll look good to others.  All of these random behaviors blossom from confusion.

Why do you think the leaders of this merry go round hate when people step back and say nope I’m good.  I’m happy with me and don’t need?   Ego can’t handle not being wanted or being unable to cause….confusion.



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