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Before I begin I would like to infuse a word, “place.” Simple and to the point, yet when misconstrued chaos is inevitable.

Let’s start with the universe that is in constant motion, each living piece has an atmosphere that it enhances for the bigger picture that we as humans do not see. This may be because we refuse to see the balance or do not have the inability yet to understand. Evolution is an acceptance of life forces where their journey together is either peaceful or turbulent depending on the amount of friction needed until commonality can exist.

Let’s break this down further to a galaxy. Serves the same purpose, sharing energy to enhance the universe. But within a galaxy there a systems that give and those that receive energy but the overall meaning still remains the same. Now if we bring this thought of “place” to earth and the relationships we are here to evolve into. I am going to continue using our solar system we live in as an example to bring my point home with this word “place” and how turbulent it can be if it is suddenly out of its element. There are many living creatures on this planet, all here to continue increasing the level of beings. Each family or collection of beings move together sharing gathered knowledge to survive for the next generation. Since there are many levels of comprehension, the unit revolves until they either are in sync or collide, just like solar system. But in our immediate circle there is a duality that exists for growth, each giving life in its natural form. By day we are kept warm by the sun and by night the moon shines brightly. The tides roll by night pulling and changing, then replenishment happens at daybreak.

If we are to bring this to the human nature. There is a duality in human nature as in many civilizations of living creatures here and throughout the universe. This is the strength of life itself that continues through thousands if not millions of years of evolution. Understanding, growing, knowing, sharing; a “place.” One facet of this balance is the needed duality of man and woman. Each complicated being has it own purpose in this universal journey that neither one can completely comprehend of the other but accept as a need to survive for the next generation. But the difference stands as an obstacle also as I stated, confusion can cause turbulence. Before I continue let me go back to nature in order to elaborate. The sea with depths untold only crosses shores when it is time. Evidence in history has told us this with the separation of the continents. The shores recede and the living creatures inside this miraculous body continue evolving, to survive. One not interfering with the progress of the other, giving stability. This goes for the moon encircling the earth and the earth around the sun, so on and so forth. Each contributing its own purpose for the greater. Now as for man and woman, they both have purposes in this journey that far outweighs the small collisions that happen because some would like to constrict or impede. Relationships bring knowledge, there is no doubt about that. There are some that are seen as good and some that are viewed as bad but a lesson occurs none the less. There are some that believe that the man brings the logical way of life to the relationship and a woman brings the emotional aspect into the picture. And if there was a way to step back and look at these dualities in motion, some would say that they need each other in order to have permanence. This becomes knowledge and is a form of life that is passed on.

Now what if that is taken away. I said earlier that when confusion is evident there is turbulence. If you look at the basics of each part of the species, they react differently to ways of life. If those entities are not respected as they are, this upsets the evolution of that life form. Tearing it apart. Today we have the subliminal forces upsetting this balance by removing the “place” of each man and woman. The roles have reversed or in some cases one has been erased. Acceptance is not enough, there has to be unnatural rules that do not play in this evolving life. Back to a broader picture to explain, if the moon decided to change how the earth rotated based on an ill agendas advise, how would that affect life? If these struggles between man and woman are seen as natural steps into knowledge that has to be engaged in order to grow, can you stop impeding on the other? What I mean by this is, it is fact that a person is going to be a person regardless of your interjection. Your “place” in life doesn’t change, knowledge doesn’t stop because it is uncomfortable or unwanted. The process is to enhance or grow allowing you to get to whatever your goal is or should I say purpose. Because purpose is the real objective, that you do not have control of. Emotions do not come into play when knowledge has you standing still in “place” until you understand; only then can you move on to your next level.

I mentioned respect before and I want to touch on it again with the same word “place” in the background. If you can respect the meaning of all these things I have mentioned, the universe, planets, sun, and earth. You respect that each will do what it has to, good or bad; for the greater purpose. Why is it such a hard thing for relationships between humans to be any different? If you know that within this universe, plan, life, game, (however you state it) you are enhancing peacefully by letting the lesson come to you instead of fighting it. You should know that even if that man or woman so chooses (which we all have free will) to enlighten themselves in ways you cannot understand at that moment, there is a greater plan. And you are here in this “place” as either a man or woman to experience, share and pass on. I am not speaking politically, that has no place in nature. This is life. You hold the key to your own understanding and love. Giving it freely without restraint doesn’t harm you, even when you come to a place that is uncomfortable or unjust. Knowledge still waits for your acceptance. So even as you look in the face of someone that is wrong in your eyes ask yourself, is there a message that your require? The love you gave with your heart isn’t depleted leaving you with less. The purpose for you was to share, learn, receive then pass on. And if the relationship dissolves like our continents separated, you have a new journey to partake. Which allows you to thank the eternal knowing that it is a “place” for everything. Day, night; summer, winter; all are reliant on each other even though in time and space may seem too distant, causing turbulence inside. “Place” is a wonderful thing, you are learning therefore alive to witness your contribution. Don’t let differences, fear, or forgetfulness block your vision of the greater picture. Enhance your relationship, there are no downsides because your life is gaining by giving.


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