mean so much
can be misconstrued
hurt or bring joy
a double-edged sword
mighty and tranquil
deadly and horrifying.

give meaning to culture
life, creation, love, and our world
has the ability to desecrate generations
begin genocide and continue hate.

have moved nations and civilizations
for both good and bad
they have created the best and worst of people
yet we can’t understand.

have brought leaders to greatness or doom
forgetting the influence of speech
of those who suffer or die
from the verbiage spoken consciencelessly
for power over things that do not mean much.

have the power to touch
hearts, minds, souls, and masses
they are our greatest assets
if we use them wisely
but our ego at times speaks
caring less about anything but us.

are a gift creation gave universally
dialect’s challenge has been met effortlessly
the knowledge took time
to see we are all one kind
intelligent beings in need to be loved
even if its a simple hello.

create those who commit unspeakable crimes
at the same time saves those victims asking why
build walls to imprison the misunderstood
and knocks down ignorance where it should.

are our first and last
communication we seem to strive at
if remembered before related
they can change the world as we have made it
enducing empowerment, oneness, and declassification.

can point us in the only direction
needed to survive peacefully
include every man, woman, and child
cannot be hidden or be untrue
the light will always come through
which is why the pen is mightier than a sword.

are there to record
teach, remind, warn, encourage
an orchestra worth listening
whether a topic is agreeable or not.

give a view of the giver’s heart
standing for right or wrong
the words will sing the song
if heard with the true meaning
our choices in this world won’t be so deceiving.



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