>When you recognize

>Everything you said you’d be
yet I didn’t believe
years of being unworthy
changed for me.

repeating a past unwanted
stood still once confronted
with losing real
first I had to feel
numb far too long
neglecting Love became wrong
how else can I explain
the need to change.

when you recognize your soul
there is no letting go.
Waiting for consistency
already there
thanking God being spared
of worry from you
Love is True.

Once you recognize
All doors open within
instantly my best friend.
no replacement exists
confirmed with each kiss.

Our souls touched through time
finally as one mind
bringing comfort in our dreams
past, present doesn’t matter
we are free…finally.

teaching a different pride
I recognize
each promise
you’ve fullfilled with ease
had to just wait
allowing perfect peace.

Finally remembering your eyes
comforting me in time of need
way before you knew me.



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