>Excuse me, my life just became a song
Walk with me as I title this tune…
Waking up now feels like noon.
Bright, wow the light is strong
How did I miss its presence, in full bloom?

What for…?
Let opposite this beauty interrupt?
Now revealing all its glory
In creeps dwelling on, before or after.
Truth is keeping only the lessons
Erases anything corrupt
Not paying attention
Or listen closely to all things standing here before me.
Senses can vary, here we go

What for…?
Choose to ride the waves or coast
Either way, its mine to make
This way you don’t pay for my mistakes.
Since we are here together, let’s us know
Lessons help the present, by not repeating
Riding insane hastily; instead of slowing down.
Having been here before…
Here’s that anxiety again.

What for…?
That is usually when I cannot answer
Why are you holding on to it for?
That time has passed
I don’t have to guess, I am aware
Obstacles overcame to be here.
Doubt instantly erased
Standing here staring it in the face…
Realizing I have no space
For that drama, now…
I’ve seen this mile, a time or two.
Not the same person moving through.
Using wits, knowledge, and faith from within

What for?
Cures every voice.
Any sense brought to attention
Two words end the question
A perfect wake up call before any choice…
Opens many doors

What for?
Chosen intertwined with those lessons.
Turn all, into blessings.
Good, bad, terrifying, joyous
When put together they share a oneness
Leading toward an equal powerful inquiry…
Is this Love?



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