To My Sister About Our Brother

>Let’s get it straight. I’m not here to perpetuate.  Too busy, don’t have time. I have another level a play in mind. Not here to harm or embarrass you in any way.  Just here as a sister telling you about my brother, my friend. Very best indeed. Together for-ever, instinctively. Never too far while oceans lye between. One objective is what I mean.

Didn’t matter what happened then, cause this is more than a lifetime. Seen before any crime could escape, right in front of your and my face. Funny it was never about them anyway. All about you came from two. So far distant yet right there with you. Might not see but you can definitively feel, despite all wrong around you still remain strong.  Regardless what those put in your mind, he’s right there. Able to do anything that faces you both; as soon as you take a moment. To relate, step back, watch without participation…strengthen the mind because the body can overcome when the time is correct. Dealing with the crap some of you would be in disbelief if heard. But it doesn’t matter, Love was on your Mind; and whoever stands in your presence, disrespecting themselves but taking it out on you.  Revealing it ain’t smart to place your Self around those who disregard well being. Stepping on others for selfish greed, to keep down, for the betterment of few…never has anything to do with the recipient.

Remember you are striving for Higher, retreat doesn’t mean loss. Understanding what is best for you is your only cost. How minor in the scheme of things? Forget about any distractions, its time to deal with you. Can’t help anyone until you do. So now if you are given your Crown as queen from my brother, friend; call him what you wish. And you know deeply…this is it. Don’t ignore the past, strive to be real; trust self in all relationships. This time on your terms, a different aspect to be.  The ability to understand underneath all taught by those you now see was not right. They chose to step on you to feel happy. But every attempt, somehow you come out ahead. They haven’t figured the grand scheme of things instead of the shiny and green. Still thinking you are above or deserve, is the thought of holding you back. Instead of making what you have in my brother good enough and grow as nature intended, as one. Stop playing games; why lie to yourself for others to use you.  Think about it, either way, you were income.

Hopefully, you will realize no one can hold anything over your head, it becomes laughable. Once the blinders are removed, those close to you cannot hide; be sure they realize they’ve taken the last ride. Testing your will, years of cooperation has their arrogance confused. Unable to manipulate like they use to revert to discrediting you or calling you names. When you didn’t do anything in the first place. Chill its cool – we can move in our own circles, separately. A stand you take confidently as the backlash gets worse. Yet my sister here you stand. Alongside that other, walking the journey positively showing a true brother, friend, husband. Never has it been about changing them from the start, that kept the heart blind to the doubt.

Can you rise above with the Love you longed for from within? Only giving real to be the queen through, the choice was slowly happening. Without your assistance, resistance, or condemnation. Waiting for the right moment to reveal the true existence of what your brother wanted from the beginning, you. No games, no promises of the superficial; only you.  This comes natural to a future queen, makes up for all horrible coincidence. What you’ve come across has been waiting a lifetime, just for you. My brother in his right mind only wants to enhance you the chosen, and you know when you are Loving and being Loved as my brother’s queen. Lured toward you across cities, states, countries by your own self-esteem. You could tell from the first glance, what was happening was larger than romance. Understanding that takes years to sink in and when it does, reality starts to change. Ensuring happiness because my brother remained through your pain, holding you up and once it passes, peace is tangible. At last, the taught fears of not being yourself has left, you’ve been given the opportunity to enhance my brother with no danger of dwindling self in any facet. Enjoy life as his equal, friend, and lover; my sister – know your worth. Everything is on course, relax and feel free. This is the love Creation made for you and me.



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