>Separate Destiny…

>Deep agony
felt through the soul
by missing you grow…
thoughts of your smile, touch.
it was you we changed the luck
knowing why best not to see her.
wanting to hear
my your voice…
will bring completion
to emptiness during this journey.
see your aunt rejoice
healing hurtful memories
our love still unconditional.
Living separate…
realities of years gone by.
Leaving only past actions
Wished could be taken back
Unfortunately, I can’t do that.
How else to learn…
Your peace deserves consistency.
Souls yearning for answers
for the face  we both treasured
any right done can’t measure.
We don’t have enough time.
eternally with you
carried in the mind.
seed never tossed aside
uprooted for safety.
Our ties will bring understanding home
too hard to swallow
destiny has work ahead for us
separated but linked as one.
Love will awaken this knowledge
So deep in your sleep, breathe a harmonious tone
Your happiness is your privilege.

With Love Eternal

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