Seasons Of Life

I went outside today and looked at the miracle of nature. We all call the changes of seasons beginning with…the birth of spring all the way to the earth hibernating or dying until the next cycle. I would like to ask a question of the room and as you know I like to bring truth in the face of the duality fed to us and we.either accepted or live with. Why do we only see the death walk in this life and not the beauty of each phase of Life? Why do we only see the wrinkles of the face and not the wisdom has given for each gray hair? Many spiritual people do not see these changes as roads to death as our society and religions like for us to believe and fear. I mean if you can control each leg of the path by reminding each follower how insignificant and sinful they are then one cannot reach their full potential and spiritually die. These wise spiritual leaders always speak of shedding the old self and letting the new Self-emerge, they also speak of the reaction to the newness and how life changes because of the new insight felt from the soul outward versus its opposite. I would like to use the tree as the example of this transformation of spirit. Trees as we know to live a long life of simplicity. The tree gives more than it takes because all it requires comes from its surroundings and it never takes too much. The tree offers warmth and shelter from its branches, shade from its leaves, and Knowledge if you look close enough. A tree (or our soul) is able to dig deep within the ground (or Mind) filtering through rock and other obstacles (lies and fear) to find a fertility (Truth) that allows the tree (our Soul) to flourish through the four seasons:

Spring (Birth orYouth):   The first of the seasons where much work (Growth) is done.  This is the beginning of our path (Self Acknowledgment) and where innocence (Given Divinity) and joy (Infinite Gratitude and Love) is present. The branches sprout the buds (Enlightenment) on each limb covering every part of its self (Soul). The tree enjoys the warmth of the sun (Truth) that feeds the core (Spirit) and spreads from the top of the tree (Crown Chakra) all the way down to the deepest root (Root Chakra), therefore enhancing a beautiful transformation (Awakening) to the bright green chlorophyll filled (Love Vibrating) sight you witness during Spring.

Summer (Adolescence): The second of the seasons where building on the work (Growth) is done. The challenging years (Self Acknowledgment) where the tree (Soul) stretches and designs its branches (Mind) with its own flair. Since no tree (Soul) is alike the buds (Enlightenment) is incorporated in a fashion that benefits its survival (Growth). As the tree is warmed in the hot days of summer the tree’s colors (Spirit) express its nature (Truth), showing what type of tree it is. The summer days are long (Path) and with the lack of water (Self Love) during the dry (Soul Searching) season, the limbs (Chakra points) and leaves (Mind) become brittle.

Fall (Adulthood): The third of the seasons is a time of adaptation (Falling Asleep) or shedding of the old (Awakening). This season is where choices are made. The tree (Soul) can either take the necessary steps for the chill (Reality) coming or the tree (Soul) can spread its roots (Spirit) and drink in the life force (Knowledge) and prepare for the changes (Growth) ahead.

Winter (Acceptance): The fourth and final leg of the season is one of transformation (Relief of body and Reliance of Spirit). The tree (Soul) is visually seen as dormant or useless but if it is seen honestly it has the same buds (Enlightenment) as in the first season. The tree (Soul) has freed itself from the bark (Lower levels of Self) is used during this season and is breathing a new. The cold and abuse (Fear and Lies) the world can produce cannot move the deep roots (Truth) spread from previous seasons(Knowledge), therefore
enabling the tree (Soul) to live on strong, tall with the essential core (Mind) intact ready for the continued journey.



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