> I remember your eyes
looking back to my soul…

do what I’m told
how empty the feeling
giving youth away
think of what I’m trying to say.

see the room
stale drunken breath
will I pass the ultimate test?

unknowing tasks ahead
planned fate in shallow roots
produced an unfeeling shell
surrounding true gifts.

Years pass by…
living a disposal existence.
reality facing being used
i recall your disdain…
once Love set its place.

recovery attempts foiled…
guilt’s coercion
became useless.
yet I forgive
not forget
this relieves regret.

as I part ways
opening my heart
its time for a new start.

which is exactly what you gave
the beginning
yet it is my choice
Love makes me rejoice.

for the end of an era
yet the world will know…
what you treasured
just for show.



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