>Our Rainbow

>Today I saw a rainbow…
Wished you were here
To recognize beauty and be able to say
“Hey look there!”
Then the day went by…
You were still stuck in my mind
Way back where there is no need to think
It just comes to us naturally
Twin vibe connected link.

Truth be told
Our minds in sync
Since birth we took our steps
One leading the other
Hand and hand in this world we began
Holding each other through the darkest day
Knowing we would be where we wanted someday.

Just close your eyes and feel my grip
Back to the days when we wished
For today…
Have the years gone by
Distance is not in our vocabulary
Nor far in spirit are we
Though our minds play tricks
Telling us not to believe
Truth always succeeds.

Today I saw myself…
In the mirror of time passing me by
The things I’ve learned.
My, my, my.
What to do but do my hair
I might as well look good and prepared
Love to see what today has in the air.
Finding what exactly is needed here.
Oh that’s right I don’t have to fear
It wasn’t just by luck I’m standing here
Seeing the change looking back in the reflection
Year after year.

Now I understand
Relationship title has no place
When love unites and you don’t need a fast pace
Relax, take your time, in the backyard
Sun in your face.
Waking up to that thought everyday
There goes that smile
world be on notice
Feel the vibe,
peace of mind has arrived
So yes things may be rocky
Cannot avoid every hill on this ride
That’s okay we have each other
Together we stand one after another
We all will make it through.
Look back we have exactly what we wished
On a day we made our own beach
So now I ask we realize our dreams came true
We have love despite what we’ve gone through.

So yes I saw a rainbow today…
It had me on one end and you over there
Understanding we needed that dream
We needed to believe we’d be us
Finally you and me
So regret not a day gone by
Doesn’t matter which 365
Thank you for being in my life.

Each time you wake,
You have more work to make
Remember that when your mind
Thinks its forgot
How strong we are with just our thoughts
We are far from where the past tears cried
So thank you for sharing that rainbow and clouds
Each drop either way was worth every gray
Another wrinkle that didn’t use to be there with my smile
Is character in the role I play
Neither young or old, it’s me every mile.

So as the years continue to pass
Remember each time you see the winter pass
Our birthday’s soon come.
And on those days
We find a second to say.
My, my, my, how time has flown
There goes that bow
Shining above the looking glass
Joyous day ahead for all involved
Thought I’d start with us since we help them get along.
So enjoy your day as I will
When you can’t catch your breath
Just think back and it will appear.
A reminder of the true gift,
Being here, knowing you still can.
Believe this.



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