>Love Splurge

>An idea in the air
Before it came to mind
Love knew all the time
Our chance meet
Alliance through centuries
Together it is easier to breathe.

Able to be Self
Waiting for me…
Believed my heart & soul would
Recognize your light
There showing unconditional Love
Even when I forget what’s right,
That’s Love.

To want the real
Telling me let my disguises disappear.
I am your wife, friend, student
Without my life was ruined.

Though it took me a long time
To realize
This isn’t a game
We have purpose in our
Joint life line.

Your spirit visited me
Before seeing your face
I had to get mind
Standing in the right place
From there your heart
Spoke clear
Step by step dreams.

Of you became my protection and hope
With the promise of being right on time
Whenever I feared, your voice would say
“Close yours eyes, Feel the day
when we meet
that will be the day it will
be you & me.

Feel me,
Remember how sweet
My heart beats
Visioning you walk through the door
Wanting to scream,
Thank you!

Listen to my voice
Remember I am here to help
To remember the you forgotten
Without that isn’t worth it.
So know I know you without the mask.
You are worth more than ever asked.

I loved you
When you were afraid, sick, and alone…
Especially when life tried to strip your soul
But hear my voice
I’m almost there
Have to be in the right frame of mind.

Love always stands the test of time
And if that means I get the chance
Of being your lover and friend
Dream of me, you will shed all fakes
And when you have had enough
And desire more
Here you are walking through the door.

Thank you!
Saved me again
I have been waiting
Ready finally to begin to splurge
Unable to speak to my spirit
Until hearing your voice
No, this can’t be true…
I dreamt you.

How did you become real
You seemed to appear
Now in front of you, I know its right
Yet I still feared.
Trying to find fault
I wasted time when all I had to say
Was here I am
Lead me to our peace within.

You said we’d be here one day
You loved me though it took time to trust
What the universe had in store for us.
Love unconditionally, multi-dimensionally,
Universally, spiritually connected
Beyond rational thought
How else could I say
Thank you! Smiling upon us meeting
Our souls knew all our place purpose and Love.

That is what we crossed eternity to be
my husband and I your wife
not only in this form but in this form
but in every part of life
tangible or not
we know it exists
that is why we are here
dancing our tango in Love’s atmosphere sharing
our experiences to grow as one
Yes I’d come across time so you’d be mine.

Here we are finally my queen
I know she has blinders and can’t see
That doesn’t matter to me
I love you from the thought of you
You know it and will remember this
We have both fought for truth along the way
Accepting the purpose at hand
Our destiny went further than
‘Til death do us part.

We are the reason we feel our hearts.
So as you open your eyes be we hold hands
Remember true love’s real name
Can not be spoken unless true
I come across life time’s to save you
Even from yourself.



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