>Just Know

>Can you hear me…
though perceived insane?

Truth weighs heavy
on the brain.

forget the honesty
we lost being free…
for stating facts
watching everyone now turning backs.

continuing family trends
when will all this end.
never were we close
deep in your mind
communication was a waste of time.

pain made trivial
swept under the rug
bringing Truth up becomes difficult.

How long can you ignore
coming from the same core?
former generation forgotten
indiscretions I reaped…
are we due to repeat?

down played lives
out of sight, out of mind.
is how you relate…
rings familiar?
but that’s okay
different path I chose to take.

months and years apart
in our past…
prepared my heart
can’t be broken at last.

my love is forever true…
with or without you.
just know…
I won’t fail…
in helping others
with our tale.



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