>How the day was done…


Righteous or otherwise
Should be the first question
Before taking a step
Nothing needed learned
Like breathing u know.

Yes you are that wise, it’s up to you
But that doesn’t matter…
Each night will ask the same
At each opportunity which way did I go?

No regret is my goal
That always brings peace to the soul
Young or old…
Same comes for all
Spring, summer, fall…

Don’t forget about winter
White on mountain tops on hills and heads
Every day you bring knowledge.
Which way did you choose?
You will see your reflection
Without a to mirror view
In consciousness, you will not loose.

With the decision you made
Before you decided to wake,
Good, bad really don’t matter
You’re the one that designs your forever.
Think how long that is
Doesn’t end in this existence…

It flows from energy, soul to heart
Every expression that comes from within
Like it or not is it coming.
Smile or frown, say what you want
The answer is up to you
Are you prepared for the dreams you think about?

They won’t stop
Disguise them like your ignoring the truth
The mind only releases what it knows just for you
At the right point…Love is that deep.
May not be what you think you need
An ever opened window or pathway back to the only question
How the day was done?



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