How did it start?
the chore of creating someone unlike me
did it start with hair or skin
either way, it wasn’t what I decided to be in
was it told or felt
doesn’t matter that it’s not me
how long will it take?
To remember this mistake…
The same me from birth is all there is
Time to start loving it again
Realizing the hate was just that
Even if it came from those trusted
Influence of miseducated
Wonder how stress gets initiated?
As long as the victim is Self
Lack cannot be
You were perfect the minute you decided to breathe
Yet you decide to create from a disguise
Starting from a lie
About self, to everything in and out
Rejecting all you see
When you forget
What you are starting with
So if you forgot; remember, take your time
Down to the color of your eyes
When you opened them for the first look
Hello world let me see
Then your journey began
Just the way I am
Hair isn’t straight, brown with flex of fire are my eyes
This is the form my DNA decided
Let’s start from there
I’m happy you decided to be here
What have you learned, I’ll tell you mine
Nice to see another person alive
Together we will learn nourishing ourselves inside
Imagine acceptance based on existence
There would be no war
Fighting DNA seems like suicide
They hold a piece of what’s held inside
We would create side by side
Natural would be our guide
Letting you be to grow as you decide
Express, give, receive
Is the only way Love can be
Where else can you start other than, me?


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