Every Day is Veteran’s Day

The memories of friends and families enjoyed
places have seen, new environments to adapt
none of that seems to lapse.

Our fellow seamen and soldiers remember well
every foot of snow, bullet, a face has a story to tell
never left behind
in spirit, body, or mind.
we all face similar joys and disappointments
from time to time.

Wear our uniforms in line, looking so fine.
until our personal hell starts to remind
of what was seen, heard, smelled
each day our veterans remember well.
The praise, orders, motivation speeches
just before we hit the water, hills, and beaches.

Only then will our training begin
regardless of race, color, gender or sexual orientation.
Feeling our countries will love us more
deal with the pain, freedom will endure.
Patch yourselves up, move out and on
marching, living, and fighting until its won.

Then we remove our uniforms
heading home
leaving our friends, sisters, and brothers all alone.
in hopes, they will get the same heartfelt return
once our country sees what we’ve done.

Yet so many of my defenders are so tired
they live in squalor, fear, or suffer from what transpired.
Carrying our duty on our shoulders
so you can be free all little while longer.
Our veterans celebrate every day.
the dreams won’t go away.
waking up thankful to be alive hoping one day new veterans won’t have to survive.

So when you see a man looking pass realize at that moment he may be remembering the past whether it was good or bad thank that person, with all you have.


Symphony, USN

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