thank you isn’t enough
for the vision you’ve shared
our life you wanted because you cared
when I couldn’t, didn’t completely understand
seeing my soul and needs
when I fought both you and me.
so use to being used, abused
assuming it would be you too
yet time has passed
and you remain consistent
loving me through all resistance
showing the lack of loving self
you’re the only one who stood by me to help.

appreciation isn’t the correct word
feeling creation sent you to me
to reveal the real meaning of love
so it can be shared to all I touch.
whether verbal or literal
understanding my pain was conditional
no longer relevant
as you stand with me
emotionally and physically.

gratitude isn’t the right term
for everything learned
even the lessons that shook my soul
changed false to true
held me during a turbulent loss
with connections, I felt mattered
the earth beneath me seemed to shatter
yet you stood next to me unmoved.

love cannot be defined
with all things perfect there is the only time
realizing everything was always fine
even before you came to my life
to open my eyes, heart, and mind
some will be left behind
truth is our only guide.

Honor is all mine
for accepting this journey
through this world and beyond
with all of your being
you gave me peace of mind.



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