Allowing Poverty

Poverty is a reality in America, just as it is for millions of other human beings on the planet.   According to the US Census Bureau, 35.9 million people live below the poverty line in America, including 12.9 million children.  Since there are 311 million people currently living in the United States, why are we letting this happen?  Why do we send our leaders to mansions when we have families unable to eat at night when they have jobs?  Is this the balance of the society we wish to live in?  Those we have just elected have no idea what it means to live paycheck to paycheck or like in most people close or on the poverty line be one check away from homelessness.  We allow those who claim to speak for us make decisions affecting our lives when they can’t imagine the lives we live.  Does your senator, governor, mayor live in a mansion?  Would they come to your neighborhood?  Would they send their children to your kids’ schools?  I think these questions are not only our responsibility to change but our duty as a human being to ask why the further separation of classes when there is only one class, human.  Do you think your governor would let his child go without a quality education, healthy food, a home, change of clothes, and the availability of healthcare?  No, they wouldn’t.  In fact, our leaders receive all these items from the government for life because of the offices they hold.  There are some, in fact, that live so lavishly they do not need the mansions given to them by us because they own better real estate.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the wealthy or for those who have; I just feel until we all are able to have the following as a human right we as a world will have a conflict:  A home.  (It is a fact that most veterans who serve and come home are either living, close or under the poverty level, are homeless, sick, and are no longer important once they take their uniform off.)  An Education.  (It is a fact that poverty begins with a lack of education and that most inner cities are purposefully giving third-rate educations to keep the occupants in those areas in crime ridden and drug infested zones with the chances of leaving slim to none.  As long as there is a lack of education, owning and acquiring wealth is put out in few forms today…music, athletics, and the media.  Too bad in order to be a football player requires college, music – well if you can get to someone that will help you the game requires a different type of education to stay true to self, and finally media.  To write a book, you have to be accepted by those who do not want the truth to be revealed, television: requires a college education and luck that someone like in music is willing to let you be a voice.)  Food and Utilities.  (It is a fact that healthy food is becoming less and less available.  In the inner city, the access to supermarkets with fruits and vegetables are rare but if you look around in the suburbs; your vegetable isles are becoming smaller while your alcohol and junk food aisles are larger.  And as far as utilities tell me it isn’t humane to have electricity, heat, and water.  Any country that has a lack of these things are called third-world when they live in this world.)  And lastly a job.  (If you the first three items are a human right, you would see that most humans would not mind reporting to a place to earn.  This would cut down on crime on multiple levels, including white-collar crime.  

If you don’t have a place to stay, some will do anything to live better; if you don’t have an education, some will do anything to lift themselves from that situation; if you can’t eat, keep warm, or see, some will sell their bodies to feel comfortable; and if you don’t have income – well we are seeing society becoming worse as the poverty levels start slipping outside the inner city.  Those who are not used to being without will not always find a legit hustle to eat, educate, stay warm or have gas to get to work.

So back to my point, it is right that our leaders have so much and only speak of those above the poverty level when trying to get into office and come to us when they need our vote to be in those mansions?  Imagine what 23 million voters can influence and change.  Those four items do not seem so crazy when you include the entire population in those laws and negotiations   The money our leaders crave would flow if the 23 million would say if we are apart of America; give the ability to acquire these four items and imagine how much more wealth you could have?  Your homes would be lived in, furniture would be bought, cable paid, clothes bought, and paychecks?  Well depends on the person doesn’t it, that is a stimulus.  If your people have access then your economy flourishes, what else can it do?



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