>The Lord’s Prayer (Thoughts)

I have brought to our discussions food for thought and please let me stress that is exactly what I am doing…..

Our father who are in heaven…(This can be thought of as separation…but Love is apart of you always.  Only if you choose to place Love elsewhere is when you cannot achieve true Love in life) Hollow be thy name….( Love is true understanding that comes from within and is shared outward. Love cannot comprehend separate yet Spirit can guide us back home.)…Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…(Kingdom is a topic that is very contradicted in scripture. Some had kingdoms and others didn’t. Love understands creation and allows Its creation to be as created. So The will of Love is to Be as it truly is Loved and to give itself for generations)…Give us this day our daily bread… (Bread has been taken in many aspects and if we are talking about Love then what if it means seeing fruits of Love fulfill lives and it is shared and passed to everything under creation?)…And forgive our trespasses… (By definition trespass means: a violation of social or moral ethics. So are we asking for forgiveness for having lived outside Love or if we may forget in the future… Please Spirit of Love bring us home )… As we forgive those who trespass against us…(Truth spoke in this text. Love does not need to understand the reason why you forgot because IT knows you are Love.   So, yes teach so we may forgive and possibly find a way to lead back to your true Self, Love.)… And lead us not into temptation… (Love cannot comprehend a choice made of your free will that is opposite itself. )… But deliver us from evil…(Another truth is spoken. Love will always lead you from turmoil because in its True form Love cannot be anything, teach anything, be anything, or feel anything but Love.)…For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever… (Love comes from within and is expressed outward. And if the Divine shed’s Creative Love to reach all in a form that we all can understand then yes that is the power of Self Love. We glorify Creation, Nature, Love by understanding first how to love Self. Once we Love Self, it is immediately reflected on your brother and sister, and any other creation when seen correctly?  That lasts forever and if the will chooses to forget Love remains the same as a constant reminder.)

Amen…(By definition means exclamation expressing agreement with a statement. At the end of a prayer, it expresses the genuineness of the petition. And I agree that when Love is placed in the only context needed, understanding follows.



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