48th Year of Happiness

365 Day reminder to create happiness.  A challenge to myself to dig deeper for once in my life.  The core of the true me.  Not what I was taught to be, family traditions, drilled habits that I now realize isn’t a true representation when I can’t say what I enjoy or aspire to do.

Some may say how is it that still possible today with so many opportunities available.  I can pass blame, write an angry filled description of what has rubbed me the wrong way in life.  But I’d rather stick to the lessons learned during the chaos.  Because in the end, its how I respond is the issue then and now.  People, all people can say what they want about you but best believe when it’s their turn to decide the same issue.  Your input doesn’t phase them or come to mind.  My case there is no empathy coming from my family.  I had to learn on the fly which is difficult as a black woman that was born in the early 70s and a teen in the 80s.  The rules our parents, the baby boomers or older, endured alone wasn’t a level playing field and for my generation, things changed yet remained the same.  Comparing the selfless with the selfish would be an exhausting list.  So I choose to relate my daily achievements for those that might need to hear they aren’t alone.  It isn’t easy but is necessary for self-sanity.

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