You lied
many times…
didn’t say why.
told me every fault
called hurtful names
became normal.

forgetting self value
no direction
only yours.

you scarred
many ways
for no reason
made it your life’s work
to make it hurt.

now you search
the adult runaway.
better sometimes
to cut ties…
than to feel like you died.

Sunrise to sunset
just so you receive
all you can get.

you said
I’d never amount
run back to you eventually
having no sense.

wait, hope or pray…
planned against that day.
grown up since then
harm me effects you
in the end.

so let go
follow my lead
I’m happy with me.

All awash
too much time has been lost
living is on my mind.

Love has returned
painful ties…
are my last concerns.



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