>I’m A Be Me


They say living the dream
Do you know what that means?
Again with the duality; Stop the Alarm.
Class is in session.

Closing my eyes, taking a breath
To design my next masterpiece
A stroke of an eye…signed by me.
What else can I do but be happy.

How shall tomorrows paint flow
Do me as I wish, no not that road.
Create from the crack of your eyes
To see the sun and blue skies
Open a little more, no here comes the rain.
Creation is all the same.

This time I will let it ride
Finally watching my sunrise
And every full moon
Couldn’t make it better than noon.

Provided each one…
Reaching out for attention.
Don’t ignore the miracle of breath
Just as your soul suggests
How I see, being me….
Realizing it’s all done.

I smile at representation
of every look
loving the plan…
exactly how imagined.
Time to work in fun..
What I have is more than enough
That relieves duality all at once.

Love I Be and I’m a be Me…
While painting my world’s masterpiece
In peace
Cause that is all I Am…
about time I represent the program.

Continue the performance
I didn’t miss a beat
I see now…
Our Unity never sleeps.



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