I have forgotten

Hidden in plain sight…waiting for the proper time

The sound of familiarity in the deepest of slumber

Just for a while until I cannot remember why

memory slipped away

but like the movement to stride

it returns back to


Connected from first thought

Venturing where it pleases

Yet forever known of its place

The frequency of Life

Releasing peace inside

Whether you like it or not

One day reality will set in

Forget the race your in

None of that matters

Just pay attention and see


Descendant of Creation

Believed or not

Joined are we

Divine openly bright and sure

Giving way to what is pure

Need no practice

Comes naturally

see we is….


Together lessons to shape nations

Understand we affect the other

Standing next to you is more than your brother

We are figures in a mirror

Forgotten urging for just a glance

Once seen you cannot deny it presence

Your life will change immediately

No need to fear, it’s just

Me reminding you of whom to trust

Existence requires all to share

The soul as it is opened

Waiting for you to waken, appear

Finally behaving like an heir

Suddenly became clear

Starting with




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