Removing Blinders

I hope you gain something from this page and what I’m trying to awaken in myself as well as others.  Being able to see and stay aware that our existence requires every being to survive can be a chore but it doesn’t have to be.

When did we put on the blinders or close our eyes to ourselves and the other beings around us?  When did people become expendable and able to be drones to a process that is built for blood flowing from lesser?  Why are there comparisons when we are all one?  Who said something was wrong with you or did you believe that from an early age you were damaged goods and unable to be saved unless… well that gets muddled.  Instead of believing in ourselves as intended from the moment we took our first breath there wasn’t necessary to ask when to walk, talk, see, think; we chose to learn.   We opened our hearts to what the world had to offer with the innocence that those teaching know what’s best.  They’ve lived longer, had experience, wrote books, became wealthy – are our guides and the first lessons are, “Do what you are told” without question.  That shows loyalty and that’s needed to ignore atrocities.  When did humans forget what the meaning of connection, self-love, and happiness at all times?  Existing together is out of the question so we rely on others to tell us what’s best.  How well has that went for everyone involved?  You can name the people, tribes, and hatred passed down that form insanity in minds that feed and enjoy on the same hatred and destruction.  And like fire, all it needs is a little fuel and it will continue the cycle because we believe we deserve to be punished.  This is when our lessons and punishments come into play and allow us to make a decision based on routine rather than feeling.  Sounds like Love vs. anything opposite.  Unlike the lessons where you are rewarded and disowned in the same breath, the confusion can drive a person insane because just by breathing were damned.  If that isn’t heavy enough to carry, we go through life searching for something or someone to save us – a fake crutch that isn’t there.  It keeps you yearning for a false goal or continuously trying to reach the finish line.  Love doesn’t have to manipulate because of its inclusiveness.  There isn’t anyone thing Love doesn’t find necessary, valuable, and filled with purpose equally.  A special club, birth-rite, look, or position taken can override the gift Love gave us; to create our own lives.  It doesn’t care for levels, class, awakened or follower; the point is BEING CREATED TO CREATE by Love.  It is up to us to feel the innocence of children before falling for hatred’s lies as truth.  The very hairs on each head are counted, our purpose is a part of Love so we have the capability of choosing with our self or against.  Loving what we do or witness the experience of everything opposite ourselves appears as a double edge sword because just as you choose so shall pain be first to visit as a test of your faith in yourself.  Once your mind is opened and the illusions disappear, you make your life and Love doesn’t make mistakes.  Yes, the outer world is cruel but when you see the insanity for what it is your perception changes and so does your choices.  Then the fight ensues against what you love and are used to can be fearful.  As you start going through your ideas of what could or could’ve saved you; they all are outside of you pulling in separate directions.  Going through each situation we hoped would save us from the bad, what always occurs?  NO ONE that refuses to open his or her eyes realizes the exchange of Love for privilege and separation because it generates a false existence.  Hatred can disguise itself so well that no matter how many times it reveals itself – the bell won’t  go off and you’re being duped into following, admiring, awing.  Awe should be for Creation.  When you honestly think about Life and how every human, plant, animal or mineral compliment and rely on unification. 

If a major club or affiliation issues rules that are obvious but bend the rules for their survival on top, satisfaction, revenge, greed (you get the point); is this truth?  Since when did life become first, second or third world acceptable?  Did your belief convince you that life can be given and taken away at the will of another and be justified?  That if you do not concede to hatred you will be run over, disposed of, and thrown into a torture ridden environment that LOVE CREATED;  really?  So real Love enjoys creating purposeful only to destroy if the correct hoops aren’t jumped through and through Love’s definition is universal it chose to be invented by someone who believes in a food chain – literally.  If you aren’t “accepted” reality can change right before your eyes, so whom are you going to depend on to survive?  The gifts given to you in Love stay with you for life – has anything saved you other than Love?  If it has and it accepts anything but Love across the board with open views equally shared with the benefit of all living things because it was created therefore it shares creativity; what do you believe?

Namaste (means the God in me recognizes the God in you),


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